LPM Certification

Legal project management (LPM) skills are becoming critical for lawyers to minimize write-offs/downs, enhance client satisfaction and manage lean teams.  Our two-day certification program, offered in-house at a law firm and law departments and in public workshops, goes into more depth in each of the tools and techniques than any of our other programs and participants are eligible for our LPM Launchpad™Certificate in the Fundamentals of Legal Project Management from the LPM Institute.

In addition, we offer an online program that qualifies for our LPM Launchpad™ Certificate in the Fundamentals of Legal Project Management.  Some firms want their lawyers or other legal professionals who will be functioning as “project managers” to be certified as a differentiator from other firms.

For those who are interested in learning to apply all of the LPM tools and techniques to their matters, we offer a more rigorous Advanced Certification.  Our Fundamentals Certification program is a prerequisite for the Advanced Certification.

Click here for a description of our next public certification workshop or to register.

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