Coaching & Implementation

Legal project management skills are becoming critical for lawyers to minimize write-offs/downs, enhance client satisfaction and manage lean teams. LawVision Group has taught LPM skills to over 3,000 legal professionals in law firm’s and legal departments around the globe. Our program was developed with input from certified project management professionals, leading academic institutions and consultants with decades of experience working with lawyers.

LawVision Group offers personalized coaching and implementation assistance on an on-going basis for lawyers and other legal professionals. Our services are customized to your culture, and are tailored to the existing skill sets of your attorneys. Our experience ranges from coaching very senior attorneys about leading project management teams and applying LPM methodologies to their matters to analyzing closed matters to identify best practices and ways to improve similar matters in the future.

We are able to assist your firm from an initial pilot to a full rollout, including lawyer buy-in through firm retreats, sessions with firm management, development of job descriptions for LPM professionals and more. We can provide an assessment of your current LPM initiative to help you understand how it compares to other firms and where there are areas for enhancement. We also help associates, paralegals, practice support personnel and other professionals to work productively together. We can help you build a project management office or manage the rollout of a firm-wide or pilot program.

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