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What’s the big deal about China?

Well, first of all, China IS big. With nearly 1.5 billion people and an economy whose growth has outpaced that of the U.S.

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Dropping Breadcrumbs: How to Use Mini-Value Propositions at Networking Events

Dear Jim, It was a pleasure to meet you at the North American Insulation Industry Conference last week. I hope our paths cross

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Law Firm Generations: Who Will Become the Next Ninurta at Your Firm?

When the Mesopotamian King of Gods, Enzil’s tablet was stolen and the young God Ninurta (thought of as powerless) rises to become the

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You’re So Vain: Why Some Law Firm Metrics Aren’t Advancing the Practice

A blog post (oddly from 2009) resurfaced in my newsfeed recently from Tim Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Work Week. The featured content

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Is Your Client Making New Year’s Resolutions You Don’t Know About?

It’s January — The month when many of us sharpen the saw, set new goals and recommit. LawVision has some excellent posts to

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10 Projects That Can Produce Big Results in 2016

Success often comes in a series of small steps…not one huge leap. Too many partnerships try to address too many challenges at one

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10 Habits of Highly Effective Law Firm Rainmakers

Every lawyer can be a rainmaker. Just like everyone can be in shape. It takes discipline, organization and repetition to see results. Here’s

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