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Law Firm Business Development: Holiday Tips

The holiday season is upon us yet again. Wouldn’t it be easier if the end of the year came along at some other

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Track Your Clients Like a Foreign Policy Expert Tracks a Rogue Nation: Dig Deep

This week, North Korea launched a ballistic missile for the first time in over two months. During the summer, they were launching missiles

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You Can Ignore This Post…  If You Are Satisfied with How Your Firm is Doing

We’re coming up on the 10th year-end closing since the financial crash got rolling, and as many as two-thirds of American law firms

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A Time to Be Thankful…

Thanksgiving is here again – just a bit earlier this year than usual.   As I sit in Chicago looking out at the dark

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Perspectives from Chinese Law Firm Leaders Part II: Thinking about Traditional Concerns in Non-Traditional Ways

While co-hosting two Chinese law firm leader roundtables recently in Beijing and Shanghai, I asked the admittedly passé question, “What keeps you up

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How to Meet a New Prospect Without Cold-Calling

Orrick and other tech-savvy firms offer free advice and increase new business opportunities. Is your firm doing the same? For many lawyers, asking

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Now For Some Good News

Is anyone else tired of reading the daily news riddled with abuse and corruption in our country?  Names like Harvey Weinstein, Paul Manafort,

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How and Where Do You Get Your News, Future Law Firm Leaders?

Finding reliable, real-time news sources and creating good habits to constantly monitor these outlets can be overwhelming for many young professionals. It took

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The Potential Risks of “Senior” Leadership

Many law firm leadership teams are making key decisions today that will determine the long-term success or failure of their firms.  The current

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PwC – What to do about it

As if the continuing flat market and stagnant growth for U.S. law firms hasn’t been enough, a new challenge emerged last month when,

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