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Cross-Selling? How About Cross-Collaboration?

Last week I had a conversation with a group of C-level individuals who are on a committee with me. The discussion turned to

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Is Your Culture Still Putting Your Firm at Risk?

In my last blog I posed a simple question – is your firm’s culture putting your firm at risk?  My thoughts at that

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What a Difference a Decade Makes…

It’s hard to believe the inflection point that marked the beginning of so much change in the legal world occurred ten years ago

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When Someone Doesn’t Need Your Services: Change “I” to “We” 

Does your elevator speech leave people wanting? Do you hesitate momentarily before answering the question “So, what do you do?” Do you wonder

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Is Your Culture Putting Your Firm At Risk?

While I acknowledge the vital role that culture plays with respect to defining each law firm’s working environment, creating expected behaviors, and establishing

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What To Do When Your Prospect Objects To Your Fee

Fee objections happen often, but they are not always what they seem. Next time a prospect objects to your firm’s fees, think about

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Law Firm Business Development: Everyone & Anyone is a Potential Influencer

A recent interview with the GC of a global insurer reminded me that everyone can influence who gets the next matter. His comment

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Is Disruptive Innovation in Law Even Possible?

The debates about innovation at law firms can sometimes seem a cacophonous, and discordant, confusion of themes.  On the one hand, virtually every

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10 Trends Law Firm CMOs See Happening Right Now

In a recent roundtable meeting of CMOs from mid-sized regional firms, participants identified 10 trends they are seeing in 2017. 1. Uncertainty in

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Law Firm Business Development:  CMO Success Factors

At a recent meeting of about 20 mid-size to large firm managing partners, someone asked, “What do you consider the most important success

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