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Law Firm Leadership is Like Walking the Dogs

On a recent business trip to Latin America I witnessed an interesting everyday event that directly speaks to the value of leadership when

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Create Answers to Important Rhetorical Questions in 2018

Rhetorical question – a question asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion and not to elicit a reply ( The business of law continues to change dramatically and law firm leaders constantly look for strategies and

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The Potential Risks of “Senior” Leadership

Many law firm leadership teams are making key decisions today that will determine the long-term success or failure of their firms.  The current

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Is Your Culture Still Putting Your Firm at Risk?

In my last blog I posed a simple question – is your firm’s culture putting your firm at risk?  My thoughts at that

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Is Your Culture Putting Your Firm At Risk?

While I acknowledge the vital role that culture plays with respect to defining each law firm’s working environment, creating expected behaviors, and establishing

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The Challenge of “Coasters” in Prospective Compensation Systems

There are many positive aspects to prospective Partner compensation systems but they have one glaring weakness that many law firm leaders wrestle with

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Q2 – The Bellwether of Annual Performance for Law Firms

Last month I posed the question, “What if you didn’t hit budget in 2016?” This month, I want to look forward into 2017

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What if you didn’t hit budget in 2016?

As we continue to review and dissect 2016, something feels a little different to me.  My recent conversations with law firm leaders suggest

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10 Questions That Need Answers for a Successful 2017 (and Beyond)

At about this time last year, I wrote a blog about 10 Projects That Can Produce Big Results in 2016.  My goal was

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Who Will Be Income Partners in the Future?

In July, I wrote a blog entitled Who Will Be the Owners of Law Firms in the Future. My goal at that time

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