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Now For Some Good News

Is anyone else tired of reading the daily news riddled with abuse and corruption in our country?  Names like Harvey Weinstein, Paul Manafort,

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What a Nordstrom Personal Shopper Can Teach Us About Client Service

“Can anyone give us an example of a non-legal service that you love”?  The question was posed by John Cunningham  to the four

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Artificial Intelligence – A game changer in the legal industry?

A.I. changes everything for law firms.  Today’s technology allows for contract review at a speed with which a lawyer simply cannot compete.  The

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Innovation: The One Driver for Future Success

Professor Gabriel Teninbaum, Director of Suffolk University’s Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation, gave a thought-provoking keynote address on innovation to 300

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Are Networking Events Worth Your Time?

I read a great article in the Harvard Business Review on networking.  In “Don’t Waste Your Time on Networking Events,” author Derek Coburn

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Yes, Virginia, Law Firms are Hiring Sales Professionals!

The Cubs won the world series, Donald Trump may be our next President, and law firms are hiring sales professionals.   What?  Really? From

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Change: Lessons for law firm leaders from the legendary Jack Welch

In order to meet or exceed anticipated profits per partner in a rapidly changing legal industry, many firms still have a way to

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Law Firm Business Development:  Don’t make this common mistake when following up with a prospective client

I chuckled as I read Jon Manley’s article, “Stop Touching Base with Your Prospects.” It might seem counterintuitive, but a closer look reveals a

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Is It Time for Marketing and Business Development Courses in Law School?

Why don’t more law schools offer courses that teach the basics of branding, marketing and business development? This would have been unheard of

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Lateral Recruiting:  Improve Your Success Rate by Asking the Right Questions

When it comes to lateral recruiting, it goes without saying that most firms aspire to improve their success rate.  In the Above The

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