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Who Will Be Income Partners in the Future?

In July, I wrote a blog entitled Who Will Be the Owners of Law Firms in the Future. My goal at that time

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You Already Know ‘All You Need to Know’ to Get More Law Firm Clients

What is your number one obstacle to attracting new business? If you are like most of my clients, your answer is “time.” Lack

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Law Firm Business Development: Is Marketing Department Outsourcing The New Black?

Outsourcing a law firm’s back office functions like Finance or Information Technology (IT) certainly isn’t a new concept. However, as law firm leaders

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The World Really is Different: Realizing that Change is Okay

A few weeks ago, while facilitating an All-Lawyer retreat, I had an interesting ah-hah moment. This was an unusual retreat. In the course

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LawVision and nSource Announce Strategic Alliance

LawVision, a leading legal consulting firm, announced today a strategic alliance with nSource, a law firm operations consultancy that has developed a series

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The Art of Succession Planning – Thoughts on How to Start

“Succession” has been an extremely hot topic this year. For many firms, it seems succession planning is the Holy Grail, but why? Maybe

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Yes, Virginia, Law Firms are Hiring Sales Professionals!

The Cubs won the world series, Donald Trump may be our next President, and law firms are hiring sales professionals.   What?  Really? From

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Cubs Win! Cubs Win!…..Will Clients be Next?

By: The Chicago Office of LawVision Group Holy Cow! After 108 years, the Curse of the Billygoat is dead, and the world has

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