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The 7 Worst Ways to Motivate a Lawyer to Engage in Business Development

If you really want to get someone to do something, you need to give him/her a reason—a gun to the face, a bonus

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Myopia, Innovation and Evolution: The Role of CI and Think Tanks in Tomorrow’s Law Firm

The term navel-gazing is one that surfaces frequently as law firm leaders speak (at times with nostalgia) about the days of yore. For

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Law Firm Business Development: What Do You Mean by “Marketing”?

The vast majority of our clients devote a certain amount of non-billable time to “Marketing.” The amount of hours vary from firm-to-firm, but

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We’ve Come a Long Way. But Not Far Enough…

  A few days ago, on a tired plane ride, I happened to stumble across the 1982 Paul Newman movie, The Verdict, on

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Small Firm vs. Large Firm Associate Satisfaction: Is There a Difference?

Midlevel associates at large law firms are happier than they have been in more than a decade,  according to American Lawyer’s recent Midlevel

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Law Firm Transformation and the Metamorphosis of Narcissus

I recently asked the Chair Emeritus of a significant firm what his biggest accomplishment was and what his biggest failure was. He reflected

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Client Relationship Transition Guide

The legal industry is clearly in the midst of a dramatic demographic shift that mirrors the changes in the overall US workforce.  The

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