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Least Effective Ways to Bring New Business into Your Law Firm

I recently came across WebMD’s list of the 9 least effective exercises. If you are a fitness nut like me (when we meet

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The Law Firm of the Future: Demographic Changes Ahead

While updating my research on trends in the Canadian legal market I recently came across an interesting article that advanced my thinking about

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The Changing Nature of the Law Firm Consulting Industry

We regularly write in this space on all of the changes that are occurring within the legal industry. Of course the law firm

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Law Firm Business Development: Client Teams & Strategic Account Management (SAM)

During my days at Ernst & Young, I was a member of the leadership team that rolled-out the firm’s Client Team program. To

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Trendspotting Risks and Rewards: Taking the Leap into Innovation

Just a month after touting Amazon’s diaper launch in the first of my Trendspotting blog series, Amazon pulled their new line from the

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Performance is Everything…

My experiences in a number of recent client meetings have remind me of an exchange in the great movie Apollo 13, where Flight

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Business Development: Sifting for Gold to Grow Revenue

Prospectors know that to find gold, they have to sift through a lot of rocks, twigs and other miscellaneous things found in the

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